Vote Smart Georgia for your Tax Dollars

As you may or may not know, the Georgia General Assembly passed a bill to put charter schools on the ballot in November. I support charter schools and what they do for students but not in this situation. Previously a group wanting to start a charter school had to petition to the local board of education. The local board of education could then choose to accept the charter or deny it. The vote is for a constitutional amendment that would allow the charter school to go through the state without approval of the local board of education. Basically it means that a local charter school could be started without any local control and take your local tax dollars. Soon a huge push will be coming out in early August asking people to vote for it. The folks that are pushing it is mainly for-profit charter school companies because they stand to make millions if this is voted in. It has been stated by some legislators that local schools will not lose money by this vote but I find this hard to believe when money is a premium in these hard economic times.

The Georgia Supreme Court declared the Charter School Commission unconstitutional so the attempt is being made to change the Georga constitution to get around what the Georgia Supreme Court said was wrong. This is not a vote against charter schools but rather a vote against using taxpayer money without the local people having a say in the matter.

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